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Twin Lid Brewing Bottle
  • Any Occasion, AnyWhere
  • Hot and Cold
  • Light Weight & Easy to Clean
  • Coffee, Tea or Anything
  • Shock Resistant
  • BPA Free

World's only "Transportable Cold-Brewing Coffee and Tea Maker”

The innovative T-Free has the opening on both top and bottom of the bottle, while it is equiped with a removable stainless steel strainer on one side. All you do is to place your desired amount of coffee or tea in the strainer, close the cap, flip over and pour cold or hot water up to 80% of the bottle, close the cap and let it sit for desired duration of time.

The Bottle is indestructible and allows you to take this with you anywhere you go. Just pack it in your backpack or briefcase, and enjoy cold brewed coffee or tea at the destination. Double opening makes cleaning very easy. It's made of Tritan that is proven BPA free material for meeting your health concerns and safe handling.

Cold Brewing is “Hot” and “Healthy”


“Cold-Brewing” is the “hot” topic among the coffee and tea lovers, as the cold-brewed coffee (or tea) is known to be naturally less acidic by up to 80% compared to hot brewed counterpart. This health merit makes it ideal choice for somebody who has ulcers or acid reflex issues, or whoever just wants to enjoy smooth, mild and yet mild tasting coffee and tea.

Cold-brewed coffee and tea holds its color and aroma way better than the hot brewed beverages. You can enjoy great tasting and beautiful color of your favorite beverage for days.

Go Anywhere, Brew Anything Bottle

Light weight and indestructible construction makes it ideal for outdoor use. Especially for picnicking, camping, and back packing, there is no easier way to enjoy great tasting cold-brewed coffee or tea. T-Free is sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of abuse and “hard-use”. Just take it anywhere you desire and enjoy!

Versatile design allows you to brew just about anything. Coffee, tea, herb tea, or even use it as a cocktail mixer if you prefer.


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T-Freeand its related products are designed and manufactured byMacMa Japan.com