When issues are spread globally, you need to approach them with a global mind set

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>> International Trading and Technology Transfer with Experience, Skill, Knowledge and Insight

Ecore Global goes out and finds useful but underutilized and obscured technologies and products. Sometimes it may be a technology that just completed its beta testing, and we would then bring them to mass-exposure. With help from a vast network of business alliances, our dedicated staff travels around the world to locate these gems and bring them to rapid application.

Our skilled staff brings together a wide range of experience, deep knowledge, skills and expertise, which lead to effective dissemination of each respective technologies and products.

>> International Business and Product Development

Ecore Global offers consulting services and practical management assistance in international business development. Our wide range of networks in both the US and abroad help our clients to achieve targeted results in the most efficient and timely manner.

>> Business Consulting

It's all about the sustainability and it's in our genes. We understand that it is critically important to foster a green philosophy, clean-tech solutions, and the new green economy, in order for the entire human race to survive and prosper on this planet in the coming decades.

Ecore Global provides practical consulting services to anyone who intends to embrace and incorporate green ideas into their business.